Thank you, Dr. Cheng!!

I went to Dr. Cheng for a case of plantar fasciitis. Up to that point, I had been dealing with debilitating pain & difficulty walking for about 9 or 10 months. I had sought regular chiropractic AND massage treatments plus switched shoes, did self cupping on the area, got a home foot bath, alternated with icing the area and even went so far as to get a hand scooter to give my feet a rest from walking to deal with the pain & swelling. None of it worked.

I noticed his facility while I was out running errands & that listed on the window as one of the conditions treated there was plantar fasciitis. Obviously, that’s fate, so I made an appointment.

I had received acupuncture treatments in the past so it wasn’t my first time at this rodeo. And Dr. Cheng was a pro!! He explained the procedures in very clear detail, shared philosophy or approach to help with the understanding, and got the job DONE!!

I saw him for roughly 3 or so months, starting with more frequent visits that tapered off as he noticed improvements.

The last appointment I had with him he said (I’m paraphrasing) “let’s set up an appointment for a month from now, but I don’t think you’ll need it. If you don’t feel like you need it, cancel it.” And in less than that month, I cancelled the appointment and have been pain free for two months now AND more active than I’ve been in what felt like forever. In the last couple of months my Fitbit has registered 10,000 steps 3-4 days/week! The thought that I would get my mobility back to see all the natural beauty the PacNW has to offer seemed so far fetched before I visited him, so I’m extra grateful to be hiking again!

I can’t thank or recommend Dr. Cheng enough!!

I’ve been going to Meridian for 5 weeks now for severe shoulder pain. I can’t say enough about Ivan. He is professional, knowledgeable and caring. He uses a combination of traditional acupuncture and modern technology to get the best results. I have had amazing results, improvement with each visit and after 5 visits my shoulder is greatly improved. I can get through my day w/o pain pills!!
Thank you Ivan for such great service.

Dr. Ivan’s Acupuncture techniques have worked for me. I have been happy with results and gone back to him a few times in the last decade.

I can not say enough about how impactful my experience with the Dr. Cheng. Following his treatment plan has led my back is the best it has ever been.

One of the best I have had over the years. Not just Acupuncture but other alternatives as well. Easy to deal with and handles insurance issues no problem.

I’m very happy I found Dr. Cheng! Always, caring, professional and informative! Thank you.

I am writing this letter to thank you for improving my life.  Acupuncture treatment has been a positive experience for me.  I have had rheumatoid arthritis for 38 years.  To be honest with you it has been very uncomfortable.  I took medication for 35 years and I have stopped taking all medications for the last 3 years.  I take nutritional products everyday.  I heard that acupuncture was a good treatment for my pain in my joints.  I found out that Meridian Therapeutics was close to my home.  I made a trip to meet Ivan Cheng.  The first treatment was a learning experience.  It did not hurt and Ivan was very good at explaining the treatment.  After a few treatments, my pain is very mild, and makes life enjoyable.  I am a firm believer in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

I met Ivan last summer at a health fair.  I was talking to my friend about the shoulder problem I was having, pain and stiffness, and how I really needed to see a medical therapist to see if I could find some relief.  Ivan overheard our discussion and asked me if I’d ever consider acupuncture. I said no, but at this point I’d consider anything.  He asked me if he could perform a very minor procedure using very few needles to see if I would see any relief from the pain and stiffness.  Ivan used only three needles… and I instantly felt relief from both the pain and stiffness.  I was amazed as was my friend.  The pain had not gone away completely, but instead of a sharp and throbbing pain, it was now very minor and not at all bothersome.  The stiffness…it was completely gone!  I could wrap my arm around my neck and touch my upper back….a move I was unable to do before.  Prior to Ivan’s treatment, I had difficulty removing my shirt.  The simple act of pulling my shirt over my head was excruciating, after the treatment I was able to put my shirt back on with no pain or stiffness whatsoever.  Over the next few weeks, I went in weekly for full acupuncture treatments.  I would go in for a treatment with soreness and stiffness – never as bad as the week before, but still present – and come out completely free of pain and any stiffness.  The soreness and stiffness would come back, but never to the level of the previous week.  It would take days for the pain and stiffness to return rather than hours.  Soon I was able to go for weeks at a time with no pain or restricted movement of any kind.  Once in a while I will feel a twinge, a slight ache…but nothing remotely close to what I had been living with for years before Ivan’s acupuncture treatments.  The stiffness has gone completely.  I enjoy full, unrestricted movement.  Ivan’s acupuncture treatments worked for me, they even worked for my daughter with a hip problem.  Acupuncture is a very real therapy capable of bringing relief from pain and suffering to a lot of people if given the chance.  I highly recommend it…and Ivan as a practitioner.

I initially came to Ivan seeking relief from chronic back and hip pain.  Earlier in the day, I had met with a doctor who gave me a prescription for pain killers.  Because this medication temporarily masked the pain and did not really treat the cause of it, I wanted to find a different – more effective – treatment.  I decided to try acupuncture for the first time in my life.  When I entered Ivan’s office, I was unable to stand up straight.  Ivan was gracious enough to see me without an appointment.  Within five minutes, he significantly reduced the pain in my hip and after an hour, most of my back discomfort had diminished as well.  Eight months have passed and I have not experience an episode of severe back pain – a problem that used to bother me about every two to three months.  For me, acupuncture has been more effective than other conventional and alternative treatments I have tried.  I now see Ivan regularly to maintain my overall health and always leave feeling much better than when I arrive!  I appreciate Ivan’s expertise and professionalism and have recommended him to many of my family, friends, and co-workers.

Ivan is a very friendly, compassionate, informative acupuncturist.  For about 6 years, I have used muscle relaxants and pain medications for sciatica and arthritis in my hands.  After being treated by Ivan, I have not required any medication.  I have and will always recommend Ivan and his painless treatments.

Friendly, Professional & Effective.  I went to see Ivan at Meridian Therapeutics for fertility issues. Ivan was extremely knowledgeable and took the time to explain things to me (as I was an acupuncture newbie). He was professional, knowledgeable, listened to me and genuinely cared about what I hoped to accomplish with acupuncture. And the icing on the cake – eight weeks after starting acupuncture at Meridian Therapeutics I got pregnant! Now I am a firm believer in acupuncture and am very glad I went to Meridian Therapeutics.

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